Nostalgia impacts our contemporary selves and perspectives in a multitude of different ways. NICE TIME, investigates this authenticity through the sincerity of youth and memory. We want to explore what candid excitement and the embrace of our current selves can look like through the realization of previous affections. Our models’ own nostalgia and identity were deeply considered throughout the creation of their looks. The involvement of their own chronicle expands the affinity of the wearer to the objects they physically interact with. By incorporating toys and playful icons into our designs, we hope to communicate a narrative between past and contemporary spirits. The inclusion of identities commemorate the awkward intimacy of growing up and the anticipation of what’s to come. NICE TIME preserves the authenticity of comfort, growth, and sentimentality that represents all ages and stories alike. 

NICE TIME is a collaborative collection constructed by Kayleigh Efird and Shelby Slayden. The collection was included in the Maryland Institute College of Arts 25th Annual Benefit Fashion Show in April of 2018. Kayleigh Efird is a designer from North Carolina studying under MICA's fiber department. Shelby Slayden hails from Florida and is a General Fine Arts major at MICA.  

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